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  • MCL Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

    Environmental impact assessment of 8-inch wafer technology research and industrialization project of mesk Electronic Materials Co., Ltd

    Release time:2018-06-15MCL Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.Click:1079

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    Mesk Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Luoyang monocrystalline silicon Group Co., Ltd. its main products are circuit grade silicon single crystal and silicon polished wafers. At present, it has the production capacity of 4, 5 and 6 inch back sealed polished wafers. In order to occupy the international market and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, it is planned to implement 8-inch wafer technology research and industrialization projects in the existing project production line. Through the transformation and addition of some equipment, the company's existing production line can produce 8-inch silicon polished wafers. In order to protect the legitimate environmental rights and interests of the public in the project area, more comprehensively understand the environmental background information of the project affected area, discover potential environmental problems, and make up for the possible negligence and omission in the environmental impact assessment of the project, according to the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the people's Republic of China and the Interim Measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment (HF 2006 [28]) According to the relevant regulations, the public participation of the project shall be publicized to listen to the opinions and suggestions from all walks of life on the environmental impact of the project construction and related environmental protection work. The main contents are as follows:
    1、 Name and summary of construction project
    Project Name: 8-inch wafer technology research and industrialization project
    Project summary: the project is constructed in the existing plant area, making full use of the existing engineering production line, through equipment transformation and adding some equipment, the company has the ability to produce 8-inch silicon polished wafer. The main equipment and public and auxiliary facilities rely on the existing project.
    2、 Name and contact information of project construction unit
    Construction unit: mesk Electronic Materials Co., Ltd
    Address: Luoyang high tech Industrial Cluster
    Tel: 18739188223 e-mail: dhsun@mclwafer.com
    3、 Name and contact information of environmental impact assessment organization
    Name of evaluation unit: Chalco International Engineering Co., Ltd
    Address: No.1 Xiyuan Road, Jianxi District, Luoyang City
    Tel: 64872272-811 e-mail: wensy2007@126.com
    4、 Working procedure and main contents of environmental impact assessment
    (1) to determine the evaluation scheme; (2) to analyze the pollution factors of the project; (3) to investigate the current situation of the environment; (4) to evaluate the environmental impact; (5) to participate in the public investigation; (6) to put forward the pollution prevention and control measures and improvement suggestions.
    5、 Main issues for public opinion
    (1) the degree of understanding of the project; (2) the main impact of the project operation period on the public; (3) the public's attitude towards the construction of the project from the perspective of environmental protection; (4) the public's opinions and suggestions on the environmental protection measures of the project; (5) other opinions and suggestions of the public on the construction of the project.
    When the environmental impact assessment of the project is basically completed, we will also carry out the second information publicity and issue the public participation questionnaire to seek the specific opinions of the public.
    6、 Main ways of public opinions
    After the announcement is issued, the public may, by letter, telephone, e-mail or other means, put forward opinions and opinions on the project construction and environmental impact assessment to the construction unit or environmental impact assessment unit. The publicity time is 10 working days (from June 20, 2018 to July 3, 2018).
    Mesk Electronic Materials Co., Ltd
    June 20, 2018